Shred or Dead, Part 2

D. Bradford Gambles
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"Shred or Dead, Part 2" by D. Bradford Gambles

Sam and the crew are looking for new digs to practice in. But nothing is available. Glasses, the self-appointed leader, suggests a risky trip to visit the city’s famed “Oracle” for help. But the necessity to avoid Cool Crew territory takes them right through the insane and impossible gauntlet called “The Circus of Death”, created by a mad child known as The Ringmaster.

Shred or Dead is a series about the crazy world of kid’s skater crews fighting for territory and power. It’s described by Gambles as simply “an excuse for me, a permanently indoors comics nerd who has never even set foot on a skateboard, to make up whatever fun, wacky and non-sensical moves and lingo I want”

From a recent review on the series:

"All three issues approach the skater culture with tongue firmly planted in cheek! The stories are well written, fun, and ridiculously absurd! The art is bold, polished, and full of dynamic action! The overall page designs perfectly match the story pacing and carries the art’s dynamism from panel to panel and issue to issue!

Shred or Dead is an expertly written and illustrated comic series packed with fun and suitable for all ages!"

- Almost Normal Comics

5.5” x 8.5”, 36 pages. $6
Multi-colored risograph covers with b+w interior. Saddle-stitched
* Includes free sticker while supples last! *