Sight & Insight: The Art of Burton Silverman

Burton Silverman
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"Sight and Insight: The Art of Burton Silverman" Collectors Edition

While organizing his studio, Burton Silverman discovered six of these long out-of-print deluxe editions of this very limited edition monographed catalog for his retrospective exhibitions in 2000 at the Butler Institute of American Art and the Brigham Young Museum. 

These are brand new boxed premium Editions with signature stickers identifying their number from the original 750 copy printing and contain a special signed print of one of his drawings. Each book contains 133 reproductions (82 in color, 50 full-page plates) along with a mini-autobiography of his painting life at the then age of 70 (he is now 93 and continues to paint!) and a brilliant essay by Professor Robert McGrath about Silverman's art as a kind of "radical Realism" that was clearly in advance of his time.

9" x 12", 159 pages. $200
Full-color covers with full-color & b+w interior
* Hardcover with slipcase, numbered & signed with signed print *