Spinadoodles: Year Four (I'm Zonin')

Tinto Press
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"Spinadoodles: Year Four (I'm Zonin')" by Sam Spina
See Sam. See Sam work. See Sam play. See Sam ride his bike, argue with his girl friend, struggle with his cats, friends, customers, life.... Now you can see the world through Sam's gifted eyes. His subject matter is at once intimate and silly; a truly addicting drug for those lucky enough to encounter his work. 
Written and illustrated by the great Sam Spina, ZONIN' is a diary comic without peer! His style, light and uncomplicated, compliments his stories perfectly.  I love this guy's work.
Published by Tinto Press.
4" x 6", 192 pages. $10
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect bound GN