STEADY ROLLIN': Preacher's Kid, Black Punk and Pedaling Papa

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“STEADY ROLLIN’: Preacher’s Kid, Black Punk, and Pedaling Papa” by Fred Noland

Starting as a hardscrabble misfit and minister's son in the Bible Belt, followed by a stint as a suburban So-Cal Black punk, and onward to bicycle-obsessed, graphic novelist and dad in Oakland, Steady Rollin’ is a portrait of the author in time-lapse. His memoir is composed of vignettes, uncovering his origins as an artist, exploring relationships past and present, ruminating on trauma and loss, and ultimately finding his place in the flow of life. 

Noland employs styles that capture the essence of the moment and dialogue that reflects the multi-layered complexities and challenges of communication. Steady Rollin' is an autobiographical anthology stitched together by years of work across styles that range from the sharp and detailed renderings for his New Yorker pieces to dreamier representations from his childhood.  His reflections are at turns absurd, bitingly funny, and poignant. With its investigation the into the cycle of life from the Before Times to The New Normal, Steady Rollin’ documents a world and a life in transition

6” x 8”, 220 pages. $20
Full-color covers B+w on cream paper with 32-page full-color insert at beginning on white paper. Perfect-bound GN