Storm Clouds

Ben Mitchell
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"Storm Clouds" by Ben Mitchell

Australian cartoonist Ben Mitchell tells hard-boiled detective tale for a younger, scruffier, more pissed off generation. Can a young police officer use her newfound detective status to track down a notorious masked killer? Murder, mystery, conspiracy, small town blues and punk rock politics - all in two breathtaking risograph spot colours. 

5.8"x8.3", 60 pages. $8
B&w cover (french flaps) with 2-color risograph interior!
** Comes with limited edition trading card set - 11 cards featuring Storm Clouds characters drawn by various artists

** 2nd edition with new cover art -  limited to 100! **
** 3rd edition with new cover art - interior printed in black + light red! **
** 4th edition - interior printed in black + fluorescent pink! **