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Tony Wolf
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"Tales From The Wolf" by Tony Wolf

220 pages of autobio comics, graphic essays, and illustrations from New York Times comics creator Tony Wolf! Featuring true life stories from his 23 years living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at the dawn of the Hipster Age - plus stories about unique food history, comics about early 80s comics fandom, political / protest cartoons, and stories created for several anthologies. 

Fans of slice-of-life comics will enjoy this omnibus collection of all Wolf's stories & webcomics from the past 15 years, including many never before in print!

"Takes a personal yet analytical approach, akin to Scott McCloud's work."  - New York Magazine / Vulture
Blurb / review - https://www.vulture.com/2015/09/why-would-you-vote-to-kill-batmans-sidekick.html

“I thoroughly enjoyed Tales From The Wolf. I’m a huge fan of independent creators; artists who tell stories culled from real life & personal experience. Tony’s work absolutely stands alongside that of Robert Crumb, Linda Barry, and Harvey Pekar.”

  - Bill Sienkiewicz, Eisner Award Hall of Fame & Emmy Award-nominated artist  

"Tony's unique style, reminiscent of Harvey Pekar, does a bewitching job of luring you into his memories as if they're your own. It's a tour through time worth taking, with Tony as your guide."

- Darick Robertson, Marvel & DC artist and co-creator of The Boys & Transmetropolitan

"[Created] in the grand tradition of independent autobio comix, the likes of Harvey Pekar's American Splendor and Josh Neufeld's non-fiction work... Tales From The Wolf is what happens when you commit to sharing what you know, but more importantly, celebrating what you love."

Dean Haspiel, creator of The Red Hook & Billy Dogma

"Tony Wolf is a unique voice in the autobio comics landscape. He pulls you in with his enthusiasm for a variety of relatable subjects, like the video games & comics he loved as a kid, or adapting to life in The Big Apple as a young adult. A thread of winsome earnestness runs through these stories, so that when he tackles heavier issues like politics or clinical depression, you’re open and eager to dig deep with him. A great, and important, collection."

- Rachelle Meyer, New Yorker & New York Times cartoonist

Published by Cosmic Lion Productions

6.625" x 10.25", 220 pages. $20
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound GN