Texas Tracts: A Trio of Autobiographical Mini-Comics

Rachelle Meyer
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Texas Tracts is a trilogy of autobio mini-comics about my upbringing in the Lone Star State. The format parodies Chick Tracts, but the books contain funny and heartfelt stories about my experiences in Catholic school, and how they shaped the person I've become. 

Each boxed set contains three books. These stand-alone stories combine to form a larger tale about early role models and independent thinking.

  • HOLY DIVER: The Devil is in the details, or perhaps he’s hidden in the grooves of a heavy metal album.
  • JOY RIDE: How far will you go to protect your kids, especially as they speed towards adulthood?
  • RAINBOW COLLIE: Does art have a place in the church? It does if you’ve got a rainbow in your heart.

I designed the box set to be an enjoyable collector's item. It also fits snugly on your bookshelf. Dimensions of the box set are approximately 5" x 3", and each book contains 24 pages. 

$18 for the set (incudes box to contain all three mini-comics!)