The Age of Elves #2

Paper Rocket Minicomics
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"The Age of Elves #2" by Colin Lidston 

The Age of Elves is a comic about the souls of geeks. It follows the story of a teenager named Sarah Loeb and her close-knit group of nerdy friends. In the second issue, our cast takes a road trip to Gen Con, the premiere table-top gaming convention of the midwest. Sarah aspires to be a fantasy illustrator, and at the convention she hopes to meet her idol in this field, Rachael Canty.

Colin Lidston's skill as writer really shines through here—the issue take place almost entirely in a cramped Honda Civic, but it is the riveting none the less.

The Age of Elves is the debut comic series of painter Colin Lidston.

Published by Paper Rocket Minicomics

6" x 9", 38 pages. $4
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Saddle-stitched