The Antifa Super Soldier Cookbook

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
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"The Antifa Super-Soldier Cookbook" by Matt Lubchansky

What if everything the right thought about the left was real?

Accomplished ANTIFA operative Max Marx is about to get THE big promotion: body augmentation to become a fully-fledged super-soldier in the shadowy organization’s never-ending battle to destroy the police, the American way of life, gender, capitalism, and anything else they decide to deem “fascist.”

The next frontline: internet celebrity and right-wing gadfly Adonis Asproulis is about to give a lecture on the campus of the prestigious Earle University. Adonis could do the impossible: present college students with a debate, ANTIFA’S worst nightmare. Can Max and his comrades get to the university and deplatform him in time? Or can the officers of the Big City PD and newly-promoted Sergeant Paul O’Shea put a stop to it?

Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

6" x 9", 64 pages. $14.99
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound GN