The Cranklet's Chronicle #1

Ellen Lindner
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"The Cranklet's Chronicle #1: A 'zine About Women & Baseball" by Ellen Lindner

This new zine tells, in comics format, the forgotten stories of women in baseball - plus interviews and quizzes for the fans of today.

The first issue includes a 16 page biography of Joan Whitney Payson, the founding owner of the New York Mets. Growing up as a New York baseball fan in the glory years of the early twentieth century, Mrs. Payson never dreamed that her city would lose two teams - the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers - in one fateful year. Her story of is one of hope and faith in a city that seemed to be poised on the brink of self-destruction.

This issue also includes an interview with Marisol Cruz, who grew up in the neighborhood where the Giants once played. As a Yankees fan, Marisol has some salient words about the rivalries and drama in modern-day New York baseball.

Here's a link to a full review from The Comics Journal:

7" x 10", 16 pages. $4
Full-color covers and interior. Saddle-stitched