The Lighthouse In The City, Vol. 9

Karl Christian Krumpholz
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"The Lighthouse In The City, Vol. 9" by Karl Christian Krumpholz

A few months before the global pandemic started, Karl Christian Krumpholz ('30 Miles of Crazy!') launched a daily diary comic to document his wife Kelly's upcoming surgery and recovery. Over two years later, Karl is still documenting their lives as the whole world recovers. In a year full of death, sickness, fear, and confusion; simply getting through a day often felt like an accomplishment. Taking the time to notice small joys in the midst of it all, and putting a period on each and every day, Karl was able to push back against the encroaching darkness and create a record of these strange times.

This volume collects his diary comics from January - April 2022. They can be read as part of the whole series, or out of order, as there is no specific narration.

5" x 8", 140 pages. $12
Full-color cover, b+w interior. Perfect-bound GN