The Lonely Grave of Bobby Franks

Cathy Hannah
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"The Lonely Grave of Bobby Franks" by Cathy Hannah

In this true crime comic The Lonely Grave of Bobby Franks, Cathy Hannah tells the story of how in 1924 the rich sons of Chicago’s elite Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb kidnapped and murdered their neighbor 14-year old Bobby Franks.

Cathy’s emotional cartooning shows the callous arrogance of the teenage thrill killers and the trail of clues that lead detectives in their direction in an easy-to-read graphic narrative of this infamous Chicago crime and subsequent trial. A modern-day epilogue adds some of the author’s perspective on the crime’s lasting legacy in the place she calls home. 

5.5" x 8.5", 26 pages. $10
Black + white covers and interior. Perfect-bound GN