The Pigeons of Los Angeles

Demi Naito
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"The Pigeons of Los Angeles" by Demi Naito

The Pigeons of Los Angeles by Demi Naito, a group of forlorn pigeons in Los Angeles have lost the will to go on. Human cruelty has caused them to lose all hope. That is, until their leader, Chief regales them of a time gone by when the pigeons of Los Angeles were loved and cared for by their beloved city.

An odd piece of human (and bird) history, The Pigeons of Los Angeles is simultaneously funny, informative, heartbreaking, and hopeful. Demi’s reserved art work is charming and complements the historical nature of the comic.


Winner, 2021 MICE Mini-Grant

24 pages. Two Color Cover with B&W interior.
6.5" × 8.5". Saddle Stitched.