The Strumpet #2: The Travel Issue

Ellen Lindner
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"The Strumpet #2: A Transatlantic Feast of Lady Comix" anthology
edited by Ellen Lindner & Jeremey Day

The Strumpet, a ladies' transatlantic comics magazine, brings together emerging talent from the US and UK, bridging the gap in our common linguistic culture.

Editrix Ellen says, "When I was living in the UK people always asked if anyone does comics there - and of course they do! With the Strumpet I'd like to introduce my US friends to my fave UK cartoonists, and vice versa."

This massive, 96 page black and white comic (#2, 2012) is themed around travel, and features work by Robin Ha, Julia Scheele, Emily Ryan Lerner, Alison Sampson, Ellen Lindner and many more. If you ever wanted to go the bottom of the ocean, ride the Italian rails, or follow Bill Murray around a film set, this is your chance!

The cover to this issue is by Jeremy Day.

7" x 10", 92 pages. $10
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound TPB