The World Ends With A Poot!

S. Maloney
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"The World Ends With A Poot!" by Sarah Maloney

From the series Love Is Like Falling In A Black Hole.

Xander tells Raye how Bioandroids came to be on Homeworld. While Xander narrates the scientific history, a lone tardigrade survives multiple mass extinctions and falls through a black hole and finds themself on Homeworld. 

The World Ends With a Poot! is a queer apocalyptic sci-fi parable with a splash of science and a few fart jokes! When life on earth becomes unbalanced—when the population and resource consumption of a single species ruins the life of others—mass extinctions occur. This is the story of a few of those mass extinctions!

Both reflective and speculative, Sarah’s poetic sci-fi cartooning mixes humor and catastrophe. It’s matter-of-fact and cautionary, didactic and humorously abstract, and a fun read!

CW: extinctions, climate disaster, pollution, mass death

“Awash in neon pink and orange on warm toned paper, the printing alone is worth the $12 to score yourself a copy.  But this comic is more than surface deep.  It offers food for thought (and hungry tardigrades), and a sense of a path forward.”
– Jamie Straw, Electric Squeak Online Magazine [Full Review]

“The zine is a gorgeous recount of the beginnings of our ethereal earthly world, which has transformed from void-ish to eventually being repeatedly attacked by the deep-seeded violence of capitalism.”
– Marisa Kelly, Broken Pencil Magazine Issue 99
Three-Color Cover & Interior risograph.
7 × 9.5". 12 pages.