Top Of The Line #7: Lost

Daniel McCloskey
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Daniel McCloskey's "Top Of The Line #7: Lost"

Top of the Line is a monthly comic about a kid growing into a hero and in the process a terrible bigot. 

Issue 7: The Quill sisters are the sexiest heroes in the kingdom, but when our hero cameos on their show things go terrible wrong. This is the darkest issue to date, and the second to last in the series.

A lot of fun to read
- Farel Dalrymple –Pop Gun Wars, The Wrenchies 

Crazy stuff... Like manga morphing into art comics
- Charles Forsman  -Oily Comics, End of the Fucking World

I like it. It's like scrolling. I think you got it.”  
- Frank Santoro [on the format]- Storeyville, Pompeii

". . . an expressive drawing style that ranges from straightforward if edgy to . . . forays into horror and the surreal."
- Pittsburgh City Paper

7.25″ x 5.5″, 24 pages. $3
Full-color covers and interior . Saddle-stitched