Trip To Key West (And Back) 1999

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"Trip To Key West (And Back) 1999" by Jeffrey Lewis

BACK IN PRINT!  This 41-page comic book travel diary, originally written/drawn by Jeffrey Lewis in spring of 1999, has not been available in print since about 2002.... but now it's back!

On April 12, 1999, for no particularly logical reason, Jeffrey got on a midnight Greyhound bus from NYC to Key West, Florida, just to see what would happen... And there was absolutely no predicting all the craziness that would unfold! With just a pen and a sketchbook, and staying awake all night drawing on the streets of Key West, this scribbly little comic book travel diary emerged as a document of a very strange slice of Americana. 

The drawing and lettering are quite a bit more quick and messy than the usual style of Jeffrey's comic books, because this was all drawn with no planning, on the fly... See the page sample for a glance at the style of this story.

6.65" x 10.25", 41 pages. $5
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Saddle-stitched