William Cardini
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"Vortex" by William Cardini

Welcome to the psychedelic space fantasy cosmos of the Hyperverse, a realm filled with immensely powerful beings who battle over worlds with strange geologies and hoard advanced technologies left by ancient starfarers. Bold, mystical, expertly designed and engrossing – Vortex follows the powerful sorcerer the Miizzzard as he travels to a mysterious planet and battles a strange, regenerating monster. The story gets more complex as the Miizzz finds himself sympathizing with the monster and her kin. Cardini’s art is stylish and stylized in a way that is entirely unique and absorbing, just like the alien beings the Miizzzard interacts with.

Goopy alien wizards melt, battle and stab their way from each others’ stomachs in cosmic landscapes forged from bold halftones and thick wacom lines. The contrast between low-res digital textures and organic shapes is a real eyeball melter.” Jack Hayden, Comics Workbook

Published by Sparkplug Books

5.9" x 9", 136 pages. $13
Full-color cover with b&w interior. Perfect-bound GN