When We Were Trekkies #2

Joe Sikoryak
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"WHEN WE WERE TREKKIES #2: We Are Not Alone" by Joe Sikoryak

On the third planet of an insignificant star, in the year 1974 AD, a group of high schoolers take comfort in watching reruns of their favorite sci-fi show. The thrilling, optimistic stories stand in stark relief to the dull, grinding reality of their hometown and the asbestos factory that provides its name. Learning of a Star Trek convention in New York City, they rush headlong to the costume contest—without regard for safety or even tickets to the show.

When We Were Trekkies is created by Joe Sikoryak, whose experiences at the first Star Trek, Famous Monsters and Comic Art conventions are the basis of this eight-part series. The story he tells blends awkward adolescence, nerdish spectacle and a generous spirit of adventure. While certain details are fictionalized, the costumes, festivities and unbridled passions are completely authentic.

5.5” x 8.5”, 20 pages. $4
Duotone cover with b&w interior. Saddle stitched.