When We Were Trekkies #10 - Escape Velocity!

Joe Sikoryak
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When We Were Trekkies #10 - Escape Velocity!

The conclusion of Joe Sikoryak’s graphic memoir about teenage cosplayers in the 1970s.

Even as the boys prepare to go their separate ways, unexpected events bring them together for a couple of memorable fannish experiences. One will prove that revenge is a dish best served cold—in a college cafeteria. The other will forever change how the world views Jonny, Tom, Harold — and fandom at large.

When We Were Trekkies is created by Joe Sikoryak, who attended some of the first conventions of the 1970s. His memoir blends awkward adolescence, nerdish spectacle and a generous spirit of adventure. While certain details are fictionalized, the costumes, festivities and unbridled passions are completely authentic.

5.5” x 8.5”, 24 pages. $5
Duotone cover on 100# gloss, b&w interior, saddle stitched.