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Help Patrick Dean and his family fight ALS
One of our artists, Patrick Dean, has been fighting ALS for over two years. As this terminal neurodegenerative disease robs him of mobility and speech, he has continued to create art, first by having his family attach his pen to his hand and now by using eye gaze technology. 24 hour care is now being supplemented by inpatient hospice care, and these expenses are coming out of the Dean family's savings. 

Patrick has done so much for the comics and art community, not to mention the ALS community. $2 from every "Eddie's Week" graphic novel is donated to ALSA (ALS Association). So far over $540 has been donated to the Georgia and New York chapters of ASLA. 

Please consider donating directly to Patrick's family through a GoFundMe fundraiser (don't get us started on the fact that so many need GoFundMe to cover their hospital bills) or through buying his book (Dean receives 50% of all sales). If you're not in a position to support financially, helping spread the word is equally important. Thank you!

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